Mt Cotton TSA-SRA Hillclimb Rd2

Some photographs of day one and two of the MG Car Club Mt Cotton TSA-SRA Hillclimb Series, Rd 2.  A crazy weekend with some big highs and big lows for many people.  There were lap records set, Numerous PB’s and some rather large crashes.

These are a few highlights from the day, but I have plenty more photos so don’t hesitate to get in touch if your car isn’t here or you wish to purchase any photographs.

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A Special Christmas.

I don’t write much about the various charities that I support throughout the year but seeing as Christmas is coming I thought I would put together this quick post.  Each year for the past couple of years I have worked with the lovely Kevin and ‘Raine from Fairylane and Sara from Sassi Photography and spent my day at the Special Kids Christmas Party Photographing the kids with Santa and Fairy Raine.

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Raine - Fantastic photos! Love these. I’m so glad you are in the team xxx Thank you for everything you do Dan

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Car Fixing

A short post, unrelated to my Photography work, though I did take a Photograph so it’s ok.  A spare time hobby of mine is helping out other members of a few car clubs that I’m involved in.  This particular post relates to electronics and ECU problems in ’90’s Japanese Imports.  One of the issues that they are having is that the life of electronic components in cars is typically 10-15 years.  These cars, now bordering on 20 years old are showing signs and symptoms of these issues.  It can be something as simple as starting a bit weird, right through to not running at all.

The Photograph below shows one of the Electrolytic Capacitors in the main Engine ECU (electronic control unit).  As the capacitor has aged the electrolyte has leaked out.  The electrolyte is corrosive and unfortunately, if left too long it can damage other components or the main circuit board itself.

When I next have some spare time I will be stripping the capacitors out of the board, cleaning it all up and testing the circuits to make sure they’re not damaged.  If it all checks out ok then all the capacitors will be replaced with new ones,  the board tested and sent back to the owner who will no doubt be pleased to have his car up and running again.


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Wacom Cintiq Compainion Review

Whilst travelling with the lovely Sara from through Sydney and Canberra as Photographers for the Special Childrens Christmas Party we had the loan of a Wacom Cintiq Companion 512GB Tablet.  Here are my thoughts.

Cintiq Companion in use

Up first, the basic specs. This review is from the point of view of a working photographer on the road and relates to my own workflow,  others mileage may vary.  It will be short and won’t be a full techno geek rundown, there are plenty of those elsewhere on the web if that matters to you.  The full specs are at

Intel Core I7 Processor
13.3 inch 1920×1080 Full HD display
75% Adobe RGB
512GB SSD (There is also a 256GB model available)
8GB ram
2x Superspeed USB 3.0 ports
Express Keys with On Screen Display.
Bluetooth keyboard

This review is on the Cintiq Companion.  There is also a Cintiq Companion Hybrid available which I haven’t used, but the gist is that it’s a Cintiq 13 with a battery and an Android Operating System.  This allows you to have a portable Cintiq and can also do some drawing and whatnot without needing a Laptop or PC connected. View full post »

Matty Haysom - Hi mate,

Just ordered one of these for the portable side of things, should arrive early next week, just reading through your blog of it and i see that the work flow between the Wacom Compainion and lightroom isn’t too good, obviously the best thing to have would be a stationary Wacom like the 24HD touch but for the $3700, do you think the price could be justified? Just curious on your thoughts and insights. Maybe I’ll end up returning the Compainion and upgrading for another grand to the 24HD touch.

Side note, saw your post through “Ask Damien”

Matty Haysom

Dan - Hi Matty,

The workflow is fine, the reason I didn’t love it is because I use keyboard shortcuts a lot, which means either needing a separate keyboard or losing half the screen with the on screen keyboard.

The companion is a different tool and designed for a different purpose than the larger stationary Wacom’s. The companion is a portable, standalone device intended to be used on the go or whilst out and about. It’s intended to replace a laptop computer, or bring the power of a laptop to a tablet device.

Thanks for the comments, though and I hope that this has clarified things a little.


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Welcome to Twenty Fourteen

Welcome.  Here it is.  I’m finally getting around to blogging.  My aim is to fill this blog with some behind the scenes, some personal stuff, and other odds and ends that really don’t quite fit anywhere else.

I’ll start off with a photograph from last year taken in central Victoria.

Country Victoria

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International Loupe Awards 2013

So here I am with another awards post.  I’ve done well so far, so I figured I’d go all out and enter a prestigious International Photography Competition.  The International Loupe Awards is just that.  You have the best photographers in the world entering and the best judges from around the world judging.

With scores of 82 and 82 for both my car and the Old Melbourne Gaol I was awarded a Bronze award for each.  The awards are a little different between the Australian Awards and the International one.  I’m now proud to say that I am an International Award Winning Photographer. My contact details are on the ‘contact me’ page if you’d like to commission me for your own photographic needs.

Loupe 2013


As for the Emu, well,  Judges still hate Emu’s so I didn’t enter it this time, though I am curious as to how it would have scored in International Competition.

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Matt and Steph – The Details – Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Well,  Weddings are not something I photograph a lot of as a Commercial Photographer, but they are fun.  There is something magical about sharing the happiest day of a couples life (to date) with them, even if it is through a camera lens.  Catching fleeting moments so that the couple will have something to remember once the adrenalin and excitement of the big day has worn off.  The Photographs become the memories.

Matt and Steph’s wedding was to be a fabulous day.  It was held at the family homestead on the banks of Lake Somerset, to the west of Brisbane, QLD, where Matt grew up.  The couple had returned from their current home in the UK only days before the wedding to share their day with friends and family.  The whole wedding was styled by the couple and had super cute personal touches and themes throughout.  It’s nice to see a very personal wedding when big, over the top fancy weddings are so popular.

Wedding Location

The bridal transport was Matt’s Dad’s restored FX holden, which ran as nic View full post »

Noel - Nice work Dan .. excellent shots .. very professional

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Australian Professional Photography Awards 2013

So following on from my success earlier in the year at the Queensland Professional Photography Awards, I decided to enter the National Awards.  I didn’t enter to win any awards, but more to see how my work fares against the best in the country.  Not too badly as it turns out.  I entered the same three images that I entered into QPPA, but with further processing and refining (nothing major, just a little cleaning up and extra polishing) to bring them to a national standard of finish.  It was an amazing experience to be there and mingle with the best, and humbling to know that I’m not out of place being there.  I’m very excited to now be a National Award Winning Photographer.

Again, first up my car rig shot.  The camera was attached to the side of the car, and I was driving the car whilst actuating the camera remotely to take this photograph.  It received a score of 76 at APPA, which places it just out of award range, but still a very good score.  You don’t get scores in the 70’s by accident.


Old Melbou View full post »

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Matt and Steph – The Ceremony – Queensland Wedding Photography

A small family affair held on the family property, Matt and Steph’s wedding was a very personal one.  Everything about the wedding was them, made by them, designed by them and setup by them.  After a look around and some detail photographs, I headed over to the second homestead where Steph was with her parents getting ready for her big day.

bride 1
 Some more detail photographs and some time spent chatting with Steph and her View full post »

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Queensland Professional Photography Awards 2013

Each year the Australian Institute of Professional Photography holds a state awards in each state and then the national Australian Professional Photography Awards towards the end of the year.  I entered 3 of my photographs in the Queensland Awards and had some success.

First up is my photograph of my own car, which was originally taken to suit a brief for another competition (the Inaugural Lannies Photographic Awards, which I won) so from that success I processed the photograph further to bring it up to state award standard.  This resulted in me receiving a score of 81 and a Silver Award in the Illustrative Category.

Car Automotive Rig

Second is a Photo View full post »

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An Impromptu CSL

This M3 has actually lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife Circuit before being personally imported to Australia by its current owner.  It can be regularly seen lapping the local QLD race circuits Queensland Raceway and Lakeside on club sprint days.  This impromptu shoot dates back to April 2013 now, but the car is still an awesome machine, and not a garage queen,  it’s actually taken out and used for what it was meant for.  It’s not the prettiest thing and has a few marks for it’s track duties, but it’s still nicely looked after and tidy.


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A Day at The Beach

Digging back through the archives I thought I’d post these images up from a day in the sun.  They’re a bit on the ‘arty’ side but it’s all in good fun.  A friend and I travelled down to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Queensland for a sunrise way back in July 2012.  The sunrise was fairly average, but what happened after was interesting.  It’s a funny thing watching the world wake up and come alive through a camera lens.  So here it is, A brief look at a Brisbane Commercial Photographers take on the beginning of a new day.

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