Matt and Steph – The Ceremony – Queensland Wedding Photography

A small family affair held on the family property, Matt and Steph’s wedding was a very personal one.  Everything about the wedding was them, made by them, designed by them and setup by them.  After a look around and some detail photographs, I headed over to the second homestead where Steph was with her parents getting ready for her big day.

bride 1
 Some more detail photographs and some time spent chatting with Steph and her parents let me know just how excited they all were.  I let her get ready in peace, with only a few sneaky shots taken in the process.  A few more formal preparation Photographs were taken before the trek over to the main homestead.  Matt’s Dad’s restored FX Holden performed faultlessly carrying the lovely bride and her parents back to where the ceremony was to be held.
Bridal Preparation

You could see the excitement in Matt’s eyes as the bridal car pulled up and Steph and her parents proceeded up the garden path to the Pergola where the nuptials were to be held.


Once the beautiful couple were officially wedded it was time for some Meet and Greet’s with the friends and family that made the long journey out to be with the couple on their special day.


Followed by some formal(ish) photo’s of the now married couple.  A beautiful day, beautiful weather and a beautiful location made this a fabulous wedding to be a part of and it was an honour to be able to capture the memories that Matt and Steph will treasure for years to come.


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