Queensland Professional Photography Awards 2013

Each year the Australian Institute of Professional Photography holds a state awards in each state and then the national Australian Professional Photography Awards towards the end of the year.  I entered 3 of my photographs in the Queensland Awards and had some success.

First up is my photograph of my own car, which was originally taken to suit a brief for another competition (the Inaugural Lannies Photographic Awards, which I won) so from that success I processed the photograph further to bring it up to state award standard.  This resulted in me receiving a score of 81 and a Silver Award in the Illustrative Category.

Car Automotive Rig

Second is a Photograph of Old Melbourne Gaol.  This was taken on a trip to melbourne with my little Fuji compact camera.  Some careful processing and preparation made the photograph worthy of a Silver Award with a score of 81 in the Travel Category.


Thirdly is one of my sisters juvenile Emu’s.  Apparently Judges hate Emu’s but none the less it got a few giggles when the board turned around with my photograph displayed.  I received a score of 71 in the Portrait category for this photograph, which places it in the Professional but not Award standard score range.


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